the book of mormon at the marcus center

Seeing The Book of Mormon last year was one of my all-time theater highlights, so of course the only way to top it was by seeing it AGAIN!

Book of Mormon
Ryan Bondy, David Aron Damane – The Book of Mormon (c) Joan Marcus 2016

I’ll start this off with a warning: this is a limited engagement and will be leaving town on Sunday! But catching this hilarious production is a great plan for your Halloween weekend – after all, what’s scarier than the Spooky Mormon Hell Dream (by far my favorite number of the whole show)?

The Book of Mormon is tasteless in the best way possible; you’ll cringe while you’re laughing, but you’ll laugh all the same. If you caught the show on the last go around (or in another city), I highly recommend going back for seconds. The show was even funnier seeing it again; instead of paying strict attention to the plot and lyrics, I could enjoy the constant mugging of side characters.

One of my favorite things about The Book of Mormon is that it doesn’t use its satirical tone as an excuse to shrink away from the traditional elements of a Broadway show. To the contrary, it throws itself whole heartedly (and often riduclously) into big production numbers, including tap-dancing, canes and top hats, glitz…the whole shebang. It’s immensely satisfying to me as a fan of “straight” musical theater and a fan of subversive, snarky comedy.

Definitely do your best to get to The Book of Mormon before it’s run is done this Sunday – if you’re feeling lucky, the Marcus Center has also brought back the $25 ticket lottery for this run!


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