lost valley cider co


True confession: though I am a Milwaukee local and a tireless lover & promoter of Milwaukee…I am not a beer drinker. I know, I know! I just lost about a million points of legitimacy, but there’s now a place in Milwaukee just for me: the city’s very first cider bar!

Lost Valley Cider Co opened…yesterday, and I waited a whole day before going to scope it out. It’s located just next to the Iron Horse Hotel and has a very similar funky industrial vibe. This cider bar offers up 20 ciders on tap, nicely organized into categories like “Apple-Centric,” “Fruit Forward,” and “Herbal & Spices,” plus bottled and canned ciders, a few beers and wines, cider cocktails and an on-site cider shop. You can even take home a “howler” of any tap cider, a concept that I am deeply enamored with.

My favorite thing about Lost Valley is that they really encourage you to build your own cider flight by providing a 3 oz pour of all of their taps. Especially with so many new and interesting ciders to try, it’s a huge benefit to be able to sample like that before committing to a full pour. I never knew that cider came in so many different varieties, and there are still a bunch I want to try! I think my favorites of this visit were the Cranberry Rosehips cider (second from right) and the unfiltered cider with wildflower honey (far right), but they were all very tasty. I’d happily drink a full glass of either of them, but I have a feeling that I’ll be sampling my way through the rest of their draught list on my next visits…of which there will doubtlessly be many. Definitely two big thumbs up for me – the staff here was really friendly as well and all seemed excited for the place to be open. I hope that they do really well here!


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