milwaukee day: 18 milwaukee faves


Happy Milwaukee Day! Every 4/14 we celebrate the other 414 – Milwaukee! There are lots of great deals from local businesses, a park clean-up, and even a concert to celebrate (learn more about all that here), but it’s also just a great day to spend some time thinking about all the things you love about Milwaukee.


Now, if you hadn’t heard, I wrote a book with 100 great things to do in Milwaukee, but in honor of Milwaukee Day, I wanted to share 18 of my personal favorite things about the city I call home (4+14, get it?). In no particular order, comprising of places, things, feelings and all of the above, things about Milwaukee that make me happy:

  1. German Fest
  2. Cheese curds
  3. Other kinds of cheese
  4. Bryant’s Cocktail Lounge
  5. The “Smallwaukee” community feel
  6. Beer gardens
  7. Indie craft fairs
  8. The “Choose a positive thought” mural
  9. The Streets of Old Milwaukee
  10. Frozen custard
  11. The majestic wings of the Milwaukee Art Museum
  12. Local coffee roasters & cafes
  13. Duck poutine at Vanguard
  14. The RiverWalk
  15. Ultra local food
  16. Milwaukee Public Market
  17. Revitalized historic architecture
  18. The lights of downtown at night

I could go on and on…I think that there are great things on the horizon for Milwaukee. I hope that we embrace change and strive to be a better, more welcoming city every day, and I hope that we continue to support and encourage the things that make our city worth celebrating.


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