If you’re a huge nerd like myself, you might already know that Milwaukee has quite a history with dioramas. If you’re not, allow me to illuminate you.

Famed taxidermist Carl Akeley actually created the very first habitat diorama at the Milwaukee Public Museum – and it’s still on display there today!

It’s these cool muskrats. Source.

The museum went on to create many more dioramas, both taxidermy and non. The Streets of Old Milwaukee is considered one of the world’s first walk-through dioramas, and as a kid I was always especially into the tiny intricate recreations of Egyptian cities or faraway places. I could stare into those windows into another world forever. (I also really liked the T-Rex chomping down on a triceratops. I’ve always been a woman of simple pleasures.)

All of this is to tell you that both Milwaukee and I have some diorama bonafides, which is why I’m excited to invite you to Diorama-rama! This celebration in honor of National Diorama Month will take place on March 29 at Blackbird Bar in Bay View and feature a Milwaukee-themed diorama contest. Your donations supporting Milwaukee Pets Alive will get you votes, but there will also be an esteemed panel of celebrity judges…and one of them is me! I can’t wait to see what our creative local diorama enthusiasts come up with, and yes, there will be fabulous prizes. This event is sure to be fun, creative, wacky, crafty…everything that I love! I hope that if you’re free you’ll come on down to support a fun new event and a great cause (or just to say hi!).


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