playing stylist

I’m pretty sure everyone with a fondness for fashion has had an idle daydream or two about being a stylist. I know I’ve seen plenty of stars on the red carpet and thought “…honey no. Who told you that was a good look?”

Well, now is finally my moment to play stylist…pretend stylist, at least! In honor of the Oscars, I was invited by Tommy John to play dress up with the hunk of my choice, and I jumped at the chance to look at beautiful pictures of suits (and, y’know, the guys who wear them).

The Victim:


I’m a huge fan of Sebastian Stan’s work in the Captain America movies, and since he’ll probably be at this year’s awards with the rest of the cast of The Martian he seemed like the perfect choice. Sebastian often looks very sharp on the red carpet, but I’d like to offer my own spin on it.

The Look:


Even if no one sees them, fun undergarments really set the foundation for a good look. So why not go bold? I love the fun polka dots on these; a little playfulness on the biggest night in Hollywood is just what the doctor ordered.

And speaking of going bold…

Image source.

The Oscars are traditionally pretty staid as far as men’s fashion goes but…that’s boring! As much as I love a classic black tux, an event this special deserves some fashion adventures. Why let the ladies have all the fun? When I started with this post, I went straight for Tom Ford; he’s definitely one of my favorite menswear designers, and I love how many colorful, inventive creations he has in his collections. I think this gorgeous textured blazer would look amazing on Mr. Stan as well as being truly brilliant on camera (an important consideration for an event airing live!).

Finish it off with some fun socks for the perfect extra peek of personality (I couldn’t find a pair quite the right shade, but if I was a Hollywood stylist I’d probably have an assistant to send scurrying around to find those for me…), and my client is ready to strut his stuff on the red carpet tomorrow night!


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