don’t you forget about me

breakfast club

A little belated, but my most recent cross stitch was a Christmas present for my former roommate & general partner in crime. She loves The Breakfast Club, so I grabbed this pattern from Wee Little Stitches and stitched away! I learned a new stitch for this one, the french knot, and also included a lot more detail work which was fun (the french knots, for the record, were not fun). I loved adding bits like the streak in Bender’s hair…little things like that really bring something as simple-seeming as this to life.

It’s definitely one of my goals to do some more needlecrafts this year. From the projects I’ve done, I’ve ended up with a pretty nice stash of embroidery floss, so I’m eager to start experimenting with creating my own patterns. I’d also like to do some embroidery in addition to cross stitch, learn some new stitches. Maybe I can make myself some decorative tea towels or something…eventually I’d love to jazz up some plain cardigans with some cute embroidery work, but I’ll get some practice in first. I find needlework to be very soothing; it’s great for keeping your mind engaged enough that your thoughts don’t wander too much without being so taxing that it’s difficult to work on. It puts me in kind of a zen place, so it’s really nice for de-stressing. Plus you end up with something pretty at the end! Always a win.


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