holiday aesthetic: white christmas


When I discovered White Christmas was on Netflix, I simply couldn’t wait to watch it. I know that there are…mixed opinions about this movie around, but it’s one that’s in my family’s annual rotation and it doesn’t really feel like Christmas without it. I can’t say no to over-the-top musical numbers and awesome vintage style at any time of the year, especially not at Christmas! So here’s to the fabulous and covetable holiday aesthetic of White Christmas!


I have to start with my very favorite, of course, the iconic “Sisters” scene. A frothy aqua daydream of tulle, lace, and feathers, I would wear this every day and twice on Sundays given the opportunity. Aqua is a marvelously retro color for Christmas, and I’ve worked some pale blue into my own Christmas tree this year. I also love Rosemary Clooney’s hair styling throughout the movie (it’s so shiny!).


When are floor-length sequined gowns with giant poufs of tulle and sequined gloves going to come back into fashion? I’m waiting. (Probably around the same time green suits with red shirts and gloves and shiny green top hats do…)


I definitely focus on Rosemary Clooney’s looks throughout the film, but Vera Ellen has some winners too! This big checked skirt with a fitted black sweater and big red belt is…pretty damn close to something I would actually wear in every day life (not just in my feathered flights of fancy). So cute! It has a lot of winter/seasonal flair without screaming “Christmas!!”

Are you a White Christmas fan? Or are you a White Christmas hater? Are there movies you appreciate primarily for their aesthetics?


2 thoughts on “holiday aesthetic: white christmas

  1. I grew up with White Christmas and I hated it because it was so boring (I was young). I actually haven’t watched it since then but seeing these pictures brings back fond memories of childhood. Now that I’m growing up and on my own, I’m seeing the significance of Christmas traditions. These are lovely reminders of my family. Thank you!


    • Thanks, Matthew! When I was younger, I definitely would have rather watched watched one of the claymation specials instead of White Christmas, but I’ve definitely found a new appreciation for it as an adult!

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