o christmas tree


Let’s skip the wailing and the gnashing of teeth – yes, my Christmas tree is already up, and no, I will not be ashamed about it! This is actually my first true and proper, full-size tree, and I’m so, so in love with it. Let me tell you a little bit about me and Christmas trees.

My family has always gotten a massive real evergreen tree to take a place of honor in the living room and be stuffed to bursting with all the ornaments that we’ve collected through the years. My first year out of college, I was a seasonal worker at Kohl’s and snatched up a little white tree for a song during Christmas sales. It was only about four feet tall and very sparse, but I set it up in the corner of my room anyway. When I moved out, I happily set it up…only to discover that roommate’s cat had a passion for chewing on all things plant-like even if they were, in fact, made out of tinsel. She ate the plastic, made herself sick, so away my little tree went. Now that I’m living on my own (and feline free), I knew that this year was the year for me to finally get the tree of my dreams.

I agonized over my decision, researching trees across the internet and into Costco, despairing at how expensive fake trees are. But I kept coming back to Treetopia. They have such a wide selection of creative, colorful trees, I was immediately entranced. I’m a huge retro fanatic, and I love the look of the classic aluminum Christmas tree. But I also didn’t want to miss out on a traditional tree so, ta-da! I spent a longgg time staring at this magical silver tree before I finally went for it. I’m so glad I did!

It’s a really nice tree, easy to assemble & takes well to fluffing. It definitely shed tinsel like a beast while I was putting it together, but it’s been fine since then. The branches are pretty stable, though to be fair I’ve only hung fairly light ornaments thus far. And, as you can (hopefully) see, it’s absolutely beautiful. I find myself just sitting on the couch and staring over at it, so that seems to be a pretty good sign.

This year I trimmed my tree with a mix of ornaments that I purchased for general decorating purposes last year and a few new ones. I’m not sure if in the future I want to go with a stylish theme, like a proper blogger, or start a true collection like my family had. But then, I could always go ultimate Christmas and have more than one tree! The future is limitless.

Anyone else already getting ready for Christmas?


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