holiday shopping: milwaukee craft fairs

‘Tis the season! Halloween is dead and gone, which means Christmas bells are ringing in more than a few people’s heads right now. But even if you’re not quite ready to start considering trees and pulling out strings of lights (…what?), this is a good time to start thinking about your shopping list. I am a huge fan of shopping local, and especially of supporting local artisans, so I definitely spend a good portion of my November and December haunting local craft fairs and maker markets to track down the perfect handmade giftables. I’ve pulled together a round-up of some events I’m planning to check out this year to share with all of you!

Maker Market Holiday Show (11/14): I’ve loved stopping by the Maker Market when it sets up in the parking lot of my local Colectivo during the summer, and it’s sure to be a great show at Discovery World (great excuse to bring the kids and visit the museum too!)

Re:Craft and Relic (11/14-15): This is a new kid on the block, and I’m excited to go check it out next weekend! It looks like a fun mix of vintage and DIY vendors, plus music and food and free parking. I’m definitely all about that.

Urban Garage Sale (11/28): Try not to go too crazy on Black Friday – you want to save energy (and $$) for this event supporting local makers. Plus, I always love an excuse to hang out at Turner Hall in the daytime when you can really appreciate how cool it is.

Hover Craft (12/13): My personal favorite. Hover Craft was actually the very first cool Milwaukee event I went to after moving in from the suburbs, so I’m pretty attached to it. I’m really excited to see the show at the Pritzlaff Building, which is such a cool event space (and hopefully big enough…this one does tend to get pretty cramped).

Phew…I feel like my dance card is looking pretty full already, and holiday season has just barely started (or not started yet, depending on who you ask)! Also, not a craft event, but I have to give a bonus shoutout to Broadway Paper’s Holiday Open House, which will also be taking place next Saturday (11/14). I love going in early and getting all my Christmas cards sorted, because let’s face it…if I don’t start early, they aren’t ever going out. And saving 20% too! PLUS this year, you might just see someone you know there signing her book (HINT HINT).

Am I missing out on any great holiday craft events? Let me know!


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