the spooky files: halloween cross stitch

It’s been too long since I did a cross stitch project, so I was eager to tackle a seasonally-appropriate pattern in time for Halloween! Cross stitching is one of my very favorite crafts because it’s super inexpensive (embroidery floss is like 60 cents and you really don’t need to use much for an average-sized project), and I find it very relaxing. The repetition is pretty zen, and just following after a pattern lets me zone out just a little without it being completely mindless (I tend to get bored while knitting, for example). Plus, though I have designed my own pieces and patterns before, there’s a wealth of awesome, inexpensive patterns available for purchase if you just want to pick up something cute.

After browsing the Halloween patterns on Etsy (this is my go-to source for cross stitch patterns that are a little more kitschy-modern than the more country-craft style I usually see at actual craft stores), I decided on this pattern from Red Bear Designs. Spooky cuteness and puns all in one? How was I to resist?

halloween xstitch

Isn’t she cute? Another thing I love about cross stitch is how easy it is to make something your own; the original pattern used the same brown as the broom for the witch’s hair…but I had this adorable lavender thread leftover from another project, so why not have a darling little purple-haired witch? I love the skull, the bats, her little cat. This was an easy weekend project that just took 3 solid sessions of work, which was a nice change from some of the more labor-intensive patterns I’d take on before. Plus, now I have a super cute Halloween decoration to pull out each year.

If you’re a crafter, do you like to do seasonal crafts? I might already be eyeing up some cute Christmas designs…


4 thoughts on “the spooky files: halloween cross stitch

  1. I hate seasonal crafts! I hate seasonal everything really, maybe I’m just not a “festive” person. But, who wants to put all the work in & then have a project seem out of place 11 months of the year? Plus, you then have to find storage for all your seasonal decorations. I’d rather just make things that have a place in my home, or with my friends, always.


    • That’s fair! I definitely put most of my time into projects that are good all year round, but I do love the holidays…I also get tired of having the same things up all the time, so seasonal decorating is a nice excuse to switch things up. Honestly, I’ll probably keep this little witch up all year…she’s too cute to put away!

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