august favorites

The month of August is almost over! Like all people who live in the land of winter, I have no idea how the summer could have gone by so fast. It feels like just yesterday that I was finally able to leave the house without a jacket, and now we’re starting to get days back in the 60s again. What’s up with that?

But there’s only one way for a blogger to commemorate the end of a month: a favorites post! Here are the things I’ve been loving this month:credenza

  1. My new credenza! I’d been using my desk as a TV stand since I moved into this apartment, and I finally got fed up with not having, y’know, a desk anymore. So in a fit of pique, I transferred my TV onto a small, wobbly spare bookcase and reclaimed my desk as a way to force myself to actually figure out something better. I had resigned myself to picking out something at IKEA when this mid-century beauty popped up in the Bay View Barter & Sell page. The next day, it was home with me!
  2. Dark chocolate Turbinado sea salt almonds. I picked up these delectable treats on a whim at Pick n Save, but they’re great! Just the right combination of sweet, salty, and savory.
  3. My 500 word goal. Since I write all day long for work (and also, y’know, here), I sometimes have a hard time finding the verve to work on my fiction. I made a goal to write at least 500 words just for me every day, and though I’ve missed a few, it’s starting to feel much more natural to me again!
  4. Mountain Lodge candle. To round out the list, here’s a little upcoming taste of fall. You may have heard the legend of Mountain Lodge AKA “The Boyfriend Candle.” This Yankee Candle scent went a bit viral, and I had to have it. I love it, and I’m already wishing I’d gotten a bigger size (I never realized how expensive those candles were, though! Ouch.) I’m definitely going to be burning this one all through autumn!

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