dining out: braise

I am a newly minted 26 year old! Yesterday was my birthday proper, but the celebrations actually started on Wednesday. Since some of my coworkers are out of town this weekend, they took me out for a lovely evening of birthday surprises on Wednesday night!

The first stop was cocktails at Bryant’s, one of my very favorite local spots. After a few drinks, we headed back toward the city for dinner. Where would we go? I had my fingers crossed, and my wish came true: it was Braise!


We decided to share a few small plates for dinner. I had tried and fallen in love with the trout parfait at Taste of the Ward, so we had to get the preserves plate. It was my first time at Braise, but my coworkers recommended the bread plate and the pork buns, so we tried those too, and rounded it out with humba (which was an Asian pork with a crispy rice) pictured in the background and bone marrow with bread and turnips, pictured in the foreground. Not pictured: one of my greatest weaknesses, steak tartare, and the chocolate truffle cake we shared for dessert.

I loved the style of the restaurant, first and foremost. I think my favorite overall dish was the humba, though MAN I love me some trout parfait. Not only did they bring out the cake with a candle in it for my birthday, but I even got a birthday card with a little packet of sugar snap pea seeds from the staff! It was an incredibly sweet touch that made the meal feel really special.

My first visit to Braise was a lot of fun and very tasty. I have to admit that Odd Duck is still my favorite small plates in Milwaukee so far, but I would very happily return to Braise for another meal. I’m especially interested in taking a cooking class there! Thanks again to the “birthday club” for the awesome surprise adventure!


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