state fair food anticipation

The most avant-gardely gluttonous event of the summer is coming: the Wisconsin State Fair! Famous for cream puffs, things on a stick, and also music and animals and stuff I guess, the fair is an integral part of summertime in Milwaukee. In all seriousness, I do love going to the fair. My personal faves are the pig races, the Wisconsin Products pavilion and looking at all the food and crafts that have won prizes (especially the Barbie cakes). But that fair food is really in a class all its own. There are classics like corn on the cob drenched in butter, turkey legs, and cheese curds (plus that mysterious tempting baked potato from the Wisconsin Products Pavilion – who do you bewitch me so, potato?), of course, but the real excitement comes from the new and exciting treats that show up bacon-wrapped and on a stick each year. These are the five items of “Fair fare” (how clever is that) that I’m mot intrigued by this year.

  1. Bacon cinnamon roll – the pairing of sweet and savory is one of my favorite things…this is basically just the perfect breakfast combined into one item
  2. Hawaiian tots – I love Hawaiian pizza, so this should be a hit!
  3. Cheesy smoked gouda sidewinder fries – anything with “gouda” in the name is going to get my attention
  4. Schweinefleisch fries – these are literally fries made out of pork belly. What else could I ask for?
  5. Hot mess brownie – wrap it up with another sweet one. I saw chocolate raspberry mousse and went YES.

I’m already hungry just looking through this list! I’ll admit the “Drink A Fruit In a Fruit” series cracked me up for no known reason, since I bet I would really enjoy drinking a “pineapple drink in a pineapple.” We’ll see how many of these I find the time to taste when I visit the fair with my family…I always go in with the best of intentions of trying new things but get tempted back to my old favorites. This year I’m really going to try, and I’ll definitely write up a full update of anything interesting I try! You can find the whole list of new fair foods here – is there anything special on your “to try” list this year?


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