minneapolis minication

This weekend I went to Minneapolis, and I took almost no photos. Sure, I ended up posting one shot to Instagram and sent a Snapchat or two, but for the most part, the weekend went uncaptured in the traditional sense.

If you look at it one way, there wasn’t much “worthy” of capturing. We saw a movie and went to a tiki bar. Took many trips to the grocery store and ate taco dip. From the other direction, I was busy capturingĀ every moment, but these moments were for me, not for Instagram. It was a goodbye weekend, a bon voyage, and exactly the break I’d been needing. I took the bus, so I didn’t even have to worry about the drive (highly recommended!), then spent the whole weekend hanging out with the people I was going to miss and other friends both old and new. We laughed (a lot), we had super good ice cream, we played hours of DIY Ex Libris (the ultimate party game, if I do say so myself). I had so much fun, and though I’m a little sad that I didn’t get any pictures, I know that I’m not going to forget any of the important parts. I honestly do enjoy sharing photos and posting about my experiences (obviously, I’m posting about this one!), but it’s nice to be reminded that it’s okay to not be able to “prove” that you were there. Some experiences are just for you to keep.


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