5 milwaukee summer faves

Is it finally summer? Can it be true? Seems like it’s almost safe to believe in life after love winter! While summer is great for many reasons (including my birthday!), these are the five things I’m most looking forward to during this summer:

  1. Maker Market: Everyone loves a farmers market in the summer, myself included, but what’s even better than vegetables? Crafts! You’ll find the Maker Market in the parking lot of the Bay View Colectivo the first Sunday of the month. (I am also a fan of Bay View Art in the Park, which is held every Saturday!)
  2. Patios: The ubiquitous ecard speaks the truth! A cocktail (or a beer, if you aren’t me) just tastes better when you enjoy it outdoors. I am officially obsessed with the poutine at Vanguard, and since I live about a block away, I intend to make plenty of use of their awesome back patio during the summer.
  3. German Fest: People may say they love all of Milwaukee’s festivals equally, but we all know everyone has a secret favorite (just like with children!). Mine is no secret; there’s only one place to find spanferkel, polka music, dachshunds in costumes, and that is the place I gotta be.
  4. Going for walks: That thing where you can go outside and the air doesn’t try to attack your face? I missed that! I don’t live far from a park, so I’m excited to get out and stretch my legs.
  5. Picnics: Okay, so I always hoard inspiration from blogs for adorable picnic ideas and never actually pack one. But there are so many awesome opportunities for picnics that I am determined to do one this year. Will I take it to Chill on the Hill? Shakespeare in the Park? We’ll find out!

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