lunch rush: screaming tuna

When you’re working downtown, you quickly develop a mental rolodex of possible lunch options. For this series, I’ll be sharing mini reviews of downtown restaurants I’ve lunched at.

I’ve had a tremendous craving for sushi lately; I was super disappointed when Kanpai ran out at Taste of the Ward before I even managed to make a lap around the room (and I got there right on time!). So when my coworkers asked me if I wanted to come try out the Friday lunch specials at Screaming Tuna, I was all in!

Tonkatsu at Screaming Tuna #foodie #foodporn #myfab5

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  • Ambiance: Very chic. This place has a stunning view of the river and the Third Ward…I would definitely love to come back to get the full effect when the river wasn’t mostly frozen!
  • Food: Delicious! As mentioned, Screaming Tuna offers a special Friday lunch menu alongside their full menu which has awesome deals (meals are around $10). Each “bento box” on the menu comes with miso soup (which wasn’t noted on the menu, so it was a pleasant surprise!). A coworker and I split the tonkatsu and another special lunch option, a choice of 3 rolls or maki, which were also all very good. It was a lot food for the price!
  • Service: Very polite & friendly. The food took a little longer than we planned, so this may not fit into a traditional one-hour lunch break.
  • Potential for Return: High! I would definitely come back for the Friday lunch again, but I’d also really like to return in the evening for a little sushi happy hour with some friends. This is definitely my favorite sushi spot in Milwaukee thus far.

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