review: blue apron

I’ve been intrigued by Blue Apron since I first heard about the delivery service. Each week, you get the recipe and supplies for three inventive dinners meant for two. It seemed pretty fancy and exciting, so I eagerly accepted when a coworker sent me one of her free trial weeks.

My lovely roommate actually brought the box in while I was still at work and was kind enough to put away the items that needed to be refrigerated for me, so I didn’t quite get the full unboxing experience. But the Blue Apron box is pretty huge and everything comes inside a space-age looking refrigerator pack thing. Absolutely everything is in tiny individual bags or tiny bottles…it’s really charming, and it’s definitely great to have exactly what you need for each recipe, but the sheer amount of packaging that went into each recipe drove me a little batty.

My first dish from #blueapron! Thanks for the trial, @haygal!

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As for the recipes…the first one I enjoyed. I made a salmon ramen with tatsoi. It involved three different burners on the stove at once, which was a bit ambitious for a weeknight meal, but it was tasty. The other two meals, I have to admit, sat in the refrigerator. I knew that I should make them; I already had the food. But these are not simple recipes. I do actually really enjoy cooking, and I don’t mind following the occasional complicated recipe, but it’s not quite the same when it isn’t one I picked out. I wasn’t especially excited to eat chicken thighs with freekeh salad and kumquat relish or pork chops with marinated beets, so it was hard to work up the energy to do what I knew would be some intensive cooking (and use a lot of dishes. I have to wash all of those by hand!). I did eventually make the chicken recipe (I was not a fan), but I ended up cannibalizing the last dish and just enjoyed my pork chops alongside some green beans.

Blue Apron just really doesn’t fit my life. Its $59.94/week pricing is steep for me, especially when I’m pretty good at grocery shopping and rarely eat out, but even if it was less expensive, it just isn’t the sort of thing I enjoy. I was really impressed by the quality of the ingredients, and the recipes were very straightforward, so if you’re an adventurous cook (who maybe has a dishwasher) with some extra cash and no time to shop or plan, it would probably be a lot of fun for you. I liked that you’re able to skip as many weeks as you like without penalty (though you do need to decide whether to skip or receive your next shipment 7 days in advance), so you could definitely use a shipment or two of Blue Apron each month to spice up your usual routine.

I think I’ll use the inspiration to seek out at least one new recipe each month that I want to try. It really was a lot of fun to take on something a bit more daring than my usual protein + veggie + carb formula…I’d just like to be the one deciding what that new adventure will be.


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  1. check out also – i haven’t tried this yet, but you can pick and choose which week’s menu you want to receive so you’re not obligated to get dishes you aren’t crazy about. and i think because it’s not so popular here in milwaukee, your only option is to get it once a week.


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