fitbit: a month in review

I’m being tracked. Every minute of the day, even when I’m asleep, my every movement is being recorded. It’s creepy when you think about it that way, but I guess I brought this on myself…I’m the one who asked for the Fitbit, after all!

Surveillance jokes aside, so far I’ve really been enjoying my Fitbit. This was the big item on my wishlist for Christmas this year, and my parents were nice enough to get it for me. I have the relatively low-profile Fitbit Flex; it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of some of the newer and bigger models, but I really liked how unobtrusive it was. As someone who thinks a lot about clothes and accessories, anything that disrupted my personal style too much would be something I quickly tired of wearing. But I’ve worn the Fitbit every day since I received it, now over a full month! The simple black band pretty much falls into the background, but I also have a selection of colored bands to swap in if I want; I’m definitely planning to wear the teal one when it gets warmer out and I start wearing brighter colors again!

First off, it was a lot easier to adjust to wearing than I expected. I was especially worried about sleeping with it on, but it’s very easy to forget that you’re wearing it. It does feel extremely weird to keep it on in the shower, I will say, but hey – the site explicitly says you can! And it does still work, so, shower-approved!

I mostly just use the Fitbit as a glorified pedometer, but I like it that way. I feel like wearing it makes me a lot more aware of myself and my movements throughout the day. I’m definitely more likely to get up and stretch my legs at work or take the longer route back to my desk. I love tapping the band during the day to see how close I am to reaching my goal, and then checking my phone when I have to know the exact step count. And of course, getting on the treadmill is always handsomely rewarded with an extra dot lit up (and sometimes a celebratory buzzing). Plus, it’s fun (and a little sad) to have the digital proof of what a bad/restless sleeper I am. Maybe someday I’ll learn to fall asleep faster and my Fitbit will be proud of me.

Anyone else on the fitness-tracking train? In a funny way, I feel like tracking on the Fitbit is a lot like my new resolve to be more active about checking in on Yelp. They’re both ways for me to track and quantify my life.


One thought on “fitbit: a month in review

  1. I track myself as well. Call me old school but I like pen and paper the most, though I do put up my progress from time to time on my fit journal blog. You’re doing a great job though, keep it up!


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