easy diy gift wrap

Have you wrapped your gifts yet? If not, that means you still have time to try this super easy DIY project!

I wanted to do something a little bit special with my gifts this year, but I also didn’t want to take on some intense time-consuming project for something that’s meant to be disposable. I’ve been feeling the simple, rustic and shiny this year, so I landed on this:


Ain’t it cute? It was incredibly easy, but I think it has a really lovely look to it. All I needed was a roll of kraft paper, a shape of your choice for stamping (I used a round foam brush) and some paint. There are a lot of great holiday options for color cominations, but I already had gold paint and am completely obsessed with gold polka dots (damn you, Kate Spade)! I stamped the paper in a vaguely un-patterned pattern, then let it dry overnight before wrapping the presents the next day. I was a little worried that the kraft paper would be difficult to work with, but it was really great. I think I actually ripped less than I usually do with normal wrapping paper. (I can be a emphatic wrapper.)

These would be lovely with an addition of colorful ribbon or even some simple twine to keep up with the rustic look, but I’d picked up a pack of Rifle Paper Co. stickers during the Broadway Paper holiday open house, so I used those to add that special something to my packages.

One roll of kraft paper gave me enough to wrap 3 small presents, two very small presents, and partially wrap one large gift. If you have more (or larger) gifts, I would recommend doing multiple rolls, but this actually worked out perfectly for my needs. I did also stamp a matching brown paper bag to hold some irregularly shaped gifties.

And that was my last Christmas craft project for the year! I know there are tons of really cute wrapping papers out there now, but this just felt really special and personal. Plus, they ended up looking both festive and classy, in my opinion. Hopefully my recipients will feel the same way!


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