the best peppermint mocha in milwaukee

I’m not much of a coffee drinker. I’ve only started drinking it at all in the past year, and still only rarely and only in its sweetest forms. But ’tis the season, and I must admit a bit of a weakness for that wintery drink, the peppermint mocha. (“You know we have peppermint syrups all year,” a Starbucks barista once told my roommate, but that’s really not the point.)

Now, my mocha preferences are definitely heavily influenced by my general lack of interest in coffee, so if you’re a dedicated fan of the ol’ cup of joe, you might have different opinions. But I am going to go out on a limb and say that of all the gin joints peppermint mochas in the land, from the big bad chain to the plucky local cafe, the best I’ve ever has is the Frosty from Anodyne Coffee.

Oh, Frosty. You’re sweet, but not cloying. Your coffee taste is so rich and smooth. You have a super cute name to boot. You were my first peppermint mocha, and no other can hold a candle to you. Others may be tasty enough, but you have won my heart.

If you ever find yourself at Anodyne, do me a favor and try the Frosty. I’ve been meaning to get to the Bay View location to try their new pizzas…I might just have to get myself a mocha to go along with it.


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