lunch rush: cafe dulce

When you’re working downtown, you quickly develop a mental rolodex of possible lunch options. For this series, I’ll be sharing mini reviews of downtown restaurants I’ve lunched at.

It’s winter, which means I have very little interest in putting on my coat, scarves, gloves, and hat just to go out for lunch. Luckily, my building is connected by skywalks to several downtown buildings that have food options inside them (shoutout to skywalks, which are totally the best). Across the river in the Chase building is a little place called Cafe Dulce.

  • Ambiance: Way cuter than expected. This place is tucked away in the building, but there’s a whole little dining area with river views and little decorative centerpieces. It does a nice job of making quick food for office crowd feel a bit nicer.
  • Food: I’ve had a sandwich and a pasta dish here. Both were tasty, but neither set my heart on fire. I preferred the pasta (Chicken Bacon Alfredo oh yeahh). They have a really wide variety on their menu, so there’s a lot of chances to find something you like.
  • Service: The crew here is like a MACHINE. They’re super efficient, but also very friendly. I was really impressed.
  • Potential for Return: Very high! Proximity is a huge factor in lunch choices for me, and this one is super convenient. The food is plenty tasty, more interesting than the majority of the food court options, and reasonably priced. I’ll definitely be back.

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