weekend reading list

Here’s what I’ve been reading/enjoying this week! Have a great weekend, friends.

  • Google’s Larry Page: The Most Ambitious CEO in the Universe Fascinating on its own, but especially appropriate since I just finished The Circle for book club, Dave Eggers’ cautionary tale about a Google-like corporation (review to come??)
  • Sneak Peek at Hogwarts at Christmas What’s not to like about a snow-covered Hogwarts castle? Wish I could see it in person!
  • New York City is building 10,000 internet pylons for free public Wi-Fi Imagine if we had this in Milwaukee…
  • 13 Amazing Food & Lifehacks You Need to Know Right Now These are amazing & had me snickering at my desk. Perfect for the lifehacker who’s seen it all…
  • Hour of Code with Anna and Elsa from Disney’s Frozen I’m always a fan of programs that make the STEM fields feel more open/welcoming to girls in a non-patronizing way. Thumbs up, Disney!
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