lunch rush: onesto

When you’re working downtown, you quickly develop a mental rolodex of possible lunch options. For this series, I’ll be sharing mini reviews of downtown restaurants I’ve lunched at.

I had the pleasure of checking out Onesto today as part of Yelp Does Lunch. I’d already heard great things about it from coworkers, so I was excited to try for myself. The lunch was set up as a buffet, so although it was a little different from the standard lunch experience, it also allowed me to taste test way more than I would have on a normal visit. So here’s the quick hits!

  • Ambiance: The space is gorgeous. We ate upstairs and it’s all high ceilings and light wood and cream city brick. Heaven! There are also fireplaces.
  • Food: The meatball slider was my favorite! I would happily munch on an order of those for lunch. I was also really impressed by the gluten free fusilli with chicken…I never would have guessed it was GF pasta and kept asking my tablemates, “It said this was gluten free, right?” The menu item I was most intrigued by going in was the bolognese, and sadly that wasn’t set out while I was there – reason to go back!
  • Service: Like I said, this wasn’t the traditional lunch experience, but the staff was very friendly and chatty and very happy to answer questions. Thumbs up!
  • Potential for Return: Deep in the Third Ward, Onesto is a bit outside my usual work lunch radius (especially now that the temperatures have dropped), but I would definitely return for dinner or if someone was willing to drive!

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