hey milwaukee

Hey Milwaukee.

I wasn’t sure that I wanted to blog about you. Well, that’s not quite right. I knew I wanted to blog about you, but I shied away from starting a “Milwaukee blog.” What if I ran out of things to say? What if I wanted to talk about things like DIY projects or cats or trips to other awesome cities? I guess I was a little afraid of commitment.

But this is where I live (and where I’d like to keep living for…well, no one can say for sure. But I don’t have any immediate plans to hit the road). It’s where I work, where I see plays and sip cocktails and try new foods. It’s where my heart is. The blog could still have room for all the things that I love – it’s about my life in Milwaukee.

So I’ve decided to make some tweaks. A new URL, a new header, a new focus. I slaved away over Milwaukee-themed puns, searching for the perfect one, and nothing sounded right (that wasn’t already taken). Something themed around “Brew City” didn’t quite seem right for a someone who doesn’t like beer. “Cream City” wasn’t quite doing it for me either. In the end, I was forced under great duress to admit that maybe a pun isn’t always needed. Sometimes wordplay makes something complicated, when it should be very simple.

I just wanted to say “hey” to my city and the people in it. Hey, how’re you doing? What’s new? Did you catch the game last night? Do you want to do happy hour on Thursday?

Hey Milwaukee.


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