the cube quest

Like many office employees, I work in a cubicle. As far as cube goes, it’s not bad. It’s spacious, near a window (I get natural light and the entertainment of taking quick breaks to criticize people’s parking jobs!), and has a lot of shelving and desk space. Still, a cube is a cube, and those of us who like pretty things (hello) are always going to want to glam it up a little bit. There was only one thing to do: start a Pinterest board of cubicle decorating inspiration and get to it!


I’m definitely still in progress, but I’m excited to have started. I brought in my collection of tiki mugs and themed glassware and a beautiful print celebrating Bay View (via Cracked Designs). I recently got a white board, which greatly improves the functionality of the space AND gives my awesome skull tiki mug something useful to do while it hangs out looking cool next to my Buffy print. And, as a finishing touch, I treated myself to a Rifle Paper Co calendar from Broadway Paper. Broadway Paper is one of my absolute favorite places to shop; I could spend hours just poking through everything that’s in there, and absolutely everything, from the most everyday useful item to the most fanciful, is lovely. I wanted a little bit of that feeling for myself.

I’ve also added some organizers and hung up a bunch of photos and cool pieces of collateral I’ve collected through work. It’s a bit haphazard, so no official pics while I decide what exactly I want to do. But I’m already really enjoying having little cool touches around me. I know some people work in bare cubicles for pretty much their whole career, but that’s just not me. It makes me so happy to have pretty or interesting things within view, and hey, you spend a third of your life sitting in that cube. Might as well make it a place you want to be.


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