it’s a mad, mad, mad, mad town

2014-10-11 10.30.06

Hellooooo, Madison!

You ever need to get away? I had a crazy busy week, with a lot of major projects due, work events to attend, and some turmoil in my personal life. I wanted to get out of dodge for a little while, and luckily, one of my favorite ladies lives just 90 minutes away in our state’s capitol. Perfect for getting that “vacation” feeling without devoting too much of your limited weekend time to driving.

We spent Saturday picking up supplies for a delicious dinner at the Madison Farmers Market. Then it was off to Odana Antiques, where I MIGHTILY RESISTED the call of beautiful vintage things. I just want to live a fabulous mid-century life, you guys, filled with tacky glassware and pastel formica tables and awesome hats. Is that so wrong? We made a roasted potato mix for dinner, and I had smoked salmon (my greatest indulgence), and we watched stupid cooking competition shows. This morning was off to Marigold Kitchen from brunch – the line was out the door. Much like my own cool local brunch spot (Honeypie represent!), there’s usually a reason for a cute tiny restaurant to be slammed: it’s super good! Stopped in the Colectivo for a mocha (which was a bizarre experience, by the way. I felt like I’d entered an alternate universe or was having a mishmash dream “I was in Madison, but you were there, and you, and you!”), lazed around a bit more, then back to good ol’ MKE.

It’s also worth mentioning that yesterday was GAME DAY in Madison, and Claire lives just a few blocks away from lots of student apartments & we had to drive past Camp Randall to get to the antique mall. I’ve never experienced anything like it – I went to a small liberal arts school where sports were not a big deal at all, so the mobs of people in red gathering in parking lots, playing beer pong on lawns at 10AM and just generally wandering the streets was an entirely new experience for me.

It was great to get away for a while and have a relaxing weekend (and even productive! I got some writing done!). Thanks for hosting me, Miss Claire – I’m sure to come your way again soon!


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