fall has…flung?

Here’s one thing I am not looking forward to now that fall is officially here: pumpkin spice anything. Shock and horror, I know, but I am just not about the pumpkin. Not pumpkin pie or beer or lattes or ice cream or scones. I’m glad the season of the pumpkin is upon us, but I’ll leave the actual orange squash-consuming to the rest of you. The only pumpkin I need is this guy:

pumpkin dance

But fall is my favorite season! So I thought I’d share a few of the things that I am getting pretty pumped for:

1. Theatre! It’s the season of the arts, and as a long-time drama nerd and theatre kid, I’m so excited to see plays again. Just a few of the shows I’m hoping to make it to: Harvey (Milwaukee Rep), Into the Woods (Skylight Music Theatre), The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) [Revised] (Milwaukee Chamber Theatre), Book of Mormon (Marcus Center – okay this one isn’t actually until May but I am SO EXCITED).
2. Apples! I did not go apple picking ONCE last fall, and that is a crime. The picking part is fun, but my favorite is getting fresh cider or caramel apples or apple cider donuts and just soaking in the AUTUMN-ness of it all. I have on good authority that Barthel’s Fruit Farm is the place to be, though I’m very fond of the Elegant Farmer personally.
3. Boots & Scarves I’ll admit it, I was getting a little tired of my sundresses. It’s time for a changing of the guard, and all the sweaters and scarves and delicious fall favorites are coming out from under the bed and back into my wardrobe. Welcome, old friends!
4. Halloween I look forward to Halloween all year. I’m a little nervous that we’re just over a month out and I haven’t decided on a costume yet, but hopefully inspiration will strike soon. I also love Halloween decorations so much. Things that don’t usually come in black suddenly do! Everything’s a little bit spooky! Heck yeah!
5. Dining I am stupidly far behind on my list of restaurants I wanted to try this year. Luckily, when the temperatures go down and outside is less appealing, it’s way easier to devote yourself to trying new foods instead of sitting outside at a festival paying like $5 for a hot dog.

So goodbye summer, hello fall! Please stick around for a while…I am not yet prepared to convince myself I’m excited for winter.


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