review: bounce milwaukee

When I first read about Bounce Milwaukee, I was like “oh, neat.” A locally-owned alternative to Chuck E Cheese/Fun World type places was definitely a cool addition to the community. When I heard that all their activities are rated for adults, that they sell beer and wine, and that they become 21+ on Saturday nights from 9PM-1:30AM, I was like “sign me up!”

It took a while, but I finally made it out to Bounce this Saturday. I brought the roomie, my sister & her boyfriend along for the ride…it seemed like the sort of place to go with a group. Hilariously enough, Bounce is located behind the Bay View Chuck E Cheese – it’s a little off the main drag, but it wasn’t difficult to find.

The best recommendation I can give this place is that I have no photos because I never had the time or inclination to go back to the (free!) locker to retrieve my phone. I was bouncing or running through an inflatable obstacle course or playing free arcade games or totally failing to climb the easiest level of the rock climbing wall or stalking my friends in the laser tag arena. We ordered a pizza, and they’re not kidding when they say unlimited customization and toppings – we broke ours down into quarters, including one with a different sauce from the rest of the pizza, and every section was perfect. Pizza wizards! I’m not much of a beer or wine person, but they do have Crispin on tap, which was perfect to sip while playing the OLD SCHOOL ARCADE GAMES THAT ARE IN THE TABLES. It’s such a small thing, but I gotta say this was one of the highlights of the night. Kaitlin and I played Pacman, Donkey Kong, Centipede, and Space Invaders while we waited for our pizza.

The other major highlight was laser tag. Somehow I had grown up without ever playing, even though there were definitely arenas near me. It was super fun! I have no idea how large this arena was compared to others…it didn’t seem especially big, but was really well styled and had tons of nooks and crannies and mirrors and hideyholes to make the game interesting. Plus, there’s a grated second level and, you guessed it, you can shoot people through the grate. No one is safe! I definitely would go back just for another few rounds of laser tag. I felt like I was starting to catch on by the end (and Kaitlin & I won the last battle!).

I really appreciated that Bounce offers inclusive wristbands instead of making you use tickets or tokens to do things piecemeal. I definitely recommend the all-inclusive option – if you play more than one round of laser tag, you’ve already recouped your extra cost.

We pretty much had the run of the place last night, which was pretty cool from a “having fun” perspective, but I hope that next time I go the place is packed. This is a really cool spot, and I don’t know many adults who wouldn’t love to run an inflatable obstacle course, play some air hockey, and just generally be a kid again for a few hours. This is a super cool addition to Bay View’s recreational scene, in my opinion – definitely check it out!


2 thoughts on “review: bounce milwaukee

  1. I work near Milwaukee with kids with special needs, and in the summer we took them to Bounce a few times and it was great! Wonderful place that they all had fun at and I’m sure their parents appreciated how tired they were when they went home!


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