labor day diy

One of the main culprits of my tendency to procrastinate is perfectionism. I get all wrapped up in the possibilities and am frozen in indecision…what if I make the wrong choice? What if I change my mind? What if?

This is the totally reasonable explanation for why I bought a dresser in February and just managed to paint it this weekend. #oops?

In addition to pinning way too many options for dresser inspiration, I was also nervous about my first painting project. Despite knowing that bloggers, people on HGTV and even real life people do it every day, I had definitely built it up in my mind and was worried I’d somehow ruin it. Which is, of course, pretty ridiculous. I mean…it’s just paint.

Last weekend, while watching metric tons of HGTV on my housesitting adventure, I made myself a solemn vow that I would paint the dresser over the long weekend. I had planned to do it over the summer, and the end of summer was quickly approaching. Plus, the cat would be out of the house for the weekend which meant I could keep all the doors open for ventilation without worrying about a too-curious helper. And so I got up, went to Home Depot, picked out a paint color and some supplies, and that was that. I ended up heading back to Home Depot that afternoon to get knobs, and suddenly I had a proper dresser.


To be honest, the grey ended up a little more blue-toned than I had imagined, but I was worried about going too dark with it and weighing down the room. I’m a big fan of the look of wood, so I decided to just do one coat so that the wood grain still shows through. In addition to adding a feminine touch, the new knobs also match the original crystal door knobs throughout our house and give it a little vintage charm (in my opinion). I’m still considering doing some special detailing for it, perhaps a stencil or some detail on the sides of the drawers, but at least I’ve jumped the first hurdle. And now I can officially say that my first furniture DIY has reached completion…just after a few extra months of deliberation. I’m excited to keep trying new projects and expanding my DIY horizons. All in all, a very productive holiday weekend.


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