adventure week quick hits

Sometimes, especially in the summer, it seems like everything is happening at once. Those weeks are great and terrifying in equal measure. This was one of those weeks.


On Tuesday, I went kayaking for work. Yup – stepped into the office bathroom to transform from a professional lady to a kayaker extraordinaire! Or…very ordinaire, really. It was my first time kayaking; all I wanted was not to fall in, and I didn’t, so success. I went with Milwaukee Kayak Company and would definitely recommend it. You get all the supplies you need and they get you ready to get on the river in no time. It was definitely a reminder of how little I use my arm muscles – my shoulders are still sore today!

On Wednesday, it was time to visit Newaukee’s Night Market! Some friends and I strolled over after work to check out the scene. It wasn’t quite what I’d expected based on the sketches released, but the turn out was great. I nibbled on some kettle corn and bought delicious organic truffles to take home. It was really neat to see so many people out and about in an area that you don’t usually go to for leisure purposes. I’m looking forward to going back next month – hopefully there will be a few more food options in August!

Things had to be slowing down by Thursday, right? Wrong! I finally made it to Ugly’s to attend a mixer on the rooftop. It was the perfect night to be up there, catching a breeze and some rays. The fried macaroni and cheese bites were absolutely magical. The theme of fried cheese continued with an order of cheese curds at Who’s on Third a few doors down. I’d been there once before for a bar trivia night, but it was much calmer this time…we could actually hear ourselves think!

And just to top it all off, the week ended with a visit from Uber ice cream delivery. I thought this promo was super charming – who doesn’t want delicious ice cream treats express to your door? A drumstick was definitely the perfect break for a Friday afternoon after a long and very busy week.


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