the bento experiment: week one

This was my first week using my shiny new bento box procured during my adventure at Mitsuwa. I kept things pretty basic for my first attempts, but overall it was a lot of fun and easier than I expected. Obviously, there isn’t really a difference between packing my lunch in here and in a normal American tupperware, but it feels different! Plus, the adjustable divider is really useful for making versatile lunches.


The backbone of my lunch this week were porkchops marinated in a simple (AKA made up off the top of my head) Asian sauce, then pan-fried. I cooked them all on Sunday so I could use them throughout the week, along with a batch of rice. For Monday, I sauteed some broccoli as a side. On Tuesday, I stepped away from the Asian-inspired dishes and packed my leftover frittata and a side salad – I was very excited to use a silicone cup my family had bought but never used ages ago…apparently these are instrumental in packing balanced bento boxes! My third box was packed for Wednesday, but since I ended up being out of the office and stopping for pizza with coworkers, it stayed in the fridge to be enjoyed today. This time, I dotted the rice with some frozen peas – I had arranged the pork slices in an attractive pattern on Wednesday morning, but by the time it was transported, waited overnight, and was heated, they’d gotten a bit jumbled. Still tasted great!

I’m really excited to expand my horizons and try new things for my bento boxes…they’re much quicker to put together than I was afraid of, and I do like trying to make them visually appealing (I always love things to look nice whenever possible). And I have to use the little plastic grass I bought! I suspect there will be a lot of bento lunches in my future.


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