dining out: pastiche

It only took me half the year to go to one of the restaurants on my 2014 Restaurant To-do List. Whoops. But this one was worth the wait!

2014-06-05 20.07.02 Pastiche Bistro is an intimate French restaurant (only 10 tables!), but it never seemed cramped or crowded inside. It was definitely loud, but in a friendly neighborhood kind of way. I went here with my parents to celebrate my new job (the fact that it was on my list was definitely a bonus!).

I’d heard that the Pastiche onion soup couldn’t be beat, so my mom and I both started off with a bowl – it really was delicious, super cheesy and decadent. As someone who, to my great shame, has mostly eaten the French Onion soup at Panera, it was a revelation! Our whole table was tempted by one of the day’s specials, scallops and prawn over porcini risotto – scallops are one of my favorite foods in the whole world, but I’m not a fan of mushrooms so I went with the steak au poivre instead. It worked out pretty well for me, because my mom slipped me a few of her scallops! The scallops were a dream (I love scallops so much, you guys), and the steak was lovely. It was a trial to select something off the dessert menu, but we eventually settled on the chocolate ganache cake, served with raspberry gelato and fresh berries. Even though the entire meal had been much richer than anything I usually eat on a Thursday night, Mom and I somehow managed to finish the cake too (okay, it was mostly me).

I had no idea such a lovely little restaurant was just down the road on KK; everything was delicious, with great flavors blended with a homey feeling. It’s definitely a little neighborhood place…we even made friends with the table next to ours, who were also out celebrating and wanted our advice about what to order. I’m definitely eager to go back and try a few more tempting dishes (the trout and pork mignons in particular were calling my name), but I need to start going to more new spots if I have any hope of finishing my list by the end of the year! Until later, Pastiche!


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