new adventures

There’s an interesting process you go through nowadays when you change your life. Over the past few weeks, I’ve carefully updated Facebook, LinkedIn, and my Twitter profile to reflect the change, but I haven’t posted about it here yet. I’ve been working on this post for a while and having trouble figuring out just what to say – it’s a lot easier to change your status on a social media account.

In short: I have a new job! After short-term temping, long-term temping, seasonal retail, permanent part-time retail, full-time temp, part-time temp with part-time permanent, and then two part-time permanent positions, I’m finally in a permanent full-time role: Content & Copywriting Specialist. I sort of feel like I took a wibbly-wobbly Candyland route to professional adulthood, but honestly I wouldn’t have it any other way. I picked up a lot of tricks along the way.

Change is scary and weird. For a long time, I couldn’t believe things were actually going to change (really, I still sort of expect to go back to the way things were). But they did – instead of bouncing between Bay View, Waukesha and downtown every day, I go right downtown where I work for a whole eight hours before coming back home. Wow! In a way, things haven’t changed that much – I worked here part time for a year before I came on for realz officially at the beginning of the month, so I know the people, the work, where the lunchroom is.

I miss the old way still. I miss those people, the routine that I knew. But in just the 2.5 weeks I’ve been working full time, I’ve already accomplished so much more than I thought I could, and there’s a ton more on the horizon. I’m really excited for the opportunity that I’ve been given, and I know it’s a great step forward for me. I’d been freaking out a bit (a lot) about not being where I wanted to be careerwise as I approach my 25th birthday this summer. Well, right now I definitely feel like I’m making strides and am in a great position to be in as I enter my second quarter century of life. It’s a good, scary, nerve-wracking, thrilling feeling.


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