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Finally got my hands on some #streetzapizza. Long time coming! #streeteats

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Pizza from a truck, and even more thrills were had Street Eats last night! I’d been dying to check out the local food trucks for a long time, and now look at me – two food truck events in two months! Yowza.

It was not exactly the beautiful spring day we all would have hoped for, but it was still a lot of fun to wander and explore. The food was set up on a ticketing system which was new this year from what I hear – a few of the trucks were a little unclear as to what all they were offering from their menu and how many tickets it was, but I still managed to figure it out and find some tasty treats. I had the above slice from Streetza Pizza and half a gyro from American Euros (who I patronized at Taste MKE, which I could have sworn I blogged about but apparently not!), then my cohorts and I pooled our leftover tickets for a “frybread dessert” from Frybread N Things – this truck was BUMPING, btw. We waited 40 minutes in line to get our food, and the line behind us just kept getting longer and longer and longer. Overall, the event was a lot of fun! I liked how the the ticket system allowed you to try various treats, and if they stick with doing it this way, I hope more trucks will take cues from American Euros and Link Up Foodie who were offering smaller versions of their menu items for fewer tickets. Also I hope the weather will be a bit more conducive to hanging out outdoors, but since the next one is in August (I believe?), that should be a forgone conclusion…WE HOPE.

We warmed up with drinks at the Ale House after. I was once again super thankful that I park for work in a structure that lets me trek all the way down to Catalano Square and all the way up to Turner Hall with ease! No fighting with the meters for me! But it’s worth it to do battle with the most troublesome parking situations of the city (and the Third Ward on a Friday evening when an event is going on is definitely pretty high on the list!) for awesome events like this. Thanks, Shepherd Express – and see you next time!


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