milwaukee’s best bloody 2014

Bloody hell! Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.


This weekend, my lil’ sister invited me to join her at Milwaukee’s Best Bloody, supporting the Great Lakes Hemophilia Foundation. Honestly, I’m not really a Blood Mary kind of person, but that kind of commitment to wordplay is something admirable and most of these bloodies were practically a snack! As you can see above, we were both quite enamored with the tiny mustaches adorning the offering from Coquette Cafe. The one we ended up giving our vote as best overall was the bloody from Juniper61 – made with garden vegetable-infused vodka, it had a very fresh clean taste and wasn’t too spice. Plus, there was a shrimp in it! Sadly they were not victorious overall, but you were the winner in our hearts, Juniper! I was also a big fan of the cheese curds and pretzel bites on hand from Turner Hall staff, which went nicely with the giant chunks of meat, pickles, little tomatoes, and cheese that topped all the drinks. Honestly, I was pretty set for lunch that day just from nibbling on garnishes.

Since the day was so lovely, we went for a little extended romp in the Third Ward after as well – my jar of Old Cedarburg seasoning from the Spice House had run out, and this is totally unacceptable. (Protip: put Old Cedarburg seasoning on everything you eat. You’ll thank me.) So we browsed at the public market, popped into Hot Pop (sorry, puns, I know), snooped in Anthropologie and just generally enjoyed having the weather we deserve. Thanks for the great day, sis!


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