april favorites

From what I can tell, the “thing” to do is to make a favorites list at the end of the month to talk about all the great new things you used and discovered. Far be it from me to contradict the blogging community, so let’s do this!

april faves

01. Angry Orchard cider – okay it feels kind of silly to put this on the list, but it turns out that I like hard cider now! Obviously this is more appropriate for the fall, but whatever, it can be a spring drink if I want it to be.
02. Bare Minerals Moxie lipstick in “Get Ready” – this actually came in my March Ipsy bag, but I’ve been wearing it almost every day through April. It’s my favorite for work – pink enough not to be neutral without being crazy bright, goes on smooth and creamy and hardly budges.
03. BedHead Rockaholic “Dirty Secret” dry shampoo – I was so sick of having no volume in day-old hair; a few quick sprays and I’m ready to rock again! This stuff is expensive though, so I’m interested to see how long the can lasts.
04. “Dolled Up” frames by BonLook in diamond tortoise – my new glasses! They are the bomb dot com and I’m not sure how I lived without them. They transform me into the slightly nutty retro librarian of my dreams.

and those are the things I’ve loved in April! I’ll have to keep a closer eye on the things I’m enjoying through May so I’m not scratching my head when the time comes to make a new list.


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