90s flashback + crepes

2014-04-25 20.08.03

The 90s were alive again in Bay View last night! To celebrate my roommate’s golden birthday, we flashbacked to the days of Power Rangers, Nickelodeon, and Ring Pops. All of those were on hand to help create an appropriately rad atmosphere, plus Pizza Hut pizza and some sick 90s jams. It was tons of fun to dress up in 90s fashion/as 90s characters (I employed some socks as faux shoulder pads and went as Dana Scully), but the best part was definitely indulging in some good old-fashioned nostalgia. “Lisa Frank!” the cry would go up around the table, until all the reminiscing was done and someone would say, “Guys, what about Beanie Babies?” What a decade!

2014-04-26 12.29.17 Then today, we took a trek to Cream City Swirl, the crepe/gelato/froyo place that we’ve been eagerly awaiting since we first saw a sign in the window back in…October??? They just opened last week, and I’m going to give them a little bit longer before doing a full review. The staff was clearly still learning the ropes, and our crepes were just “okay” (except for one, which was burnt). I’m still excited to try some frozen yogurt – having a good froyo place within walking distance during the summer would be a terrible/wonderful thing. A beautiful disaster, one might say.

I also got some art framed that I’ve had sitting around for a while, so it’s been quite a productive weekend for only being half over. Let’s see what new heights I’ll reach tomorrow!


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