I checked one more Milwaukee necessity off my list this week when I attended my first concert at Turner Hall! No, I’m not sure how I never ended up seeing a show there before, but I really enjoyed it! As most Milwaukeeans already know, it’s a great venue with a lot of cool history. I love funky old places, especially if they’re a little bit spooky. Plus, the band was awesome! I’m more used to big crazy shows at The Rave, so even though the crowd was good, it felt strangely intimate. My sister and I saw the band (American Authors) opening at Summerfest last year, so it feels a little bit like we discovered them. I get super proud every time I hear their single on the radio because that’s my band!! It’s funny how you can attach to a band like that – I feel the same way about Fitz and the Tantrums! It’s also a pretty great reason to pay attention to Summerfest openers; you never know what’s going to happen! We also saw Imagine Dragons opening in 2012, before their album was even out, and the next year they pretty much caused a riot headlining the Oasis. That’s just the crazy mixed up world we live in, people.

Finally going to Turner Hall has given me an itch to try more things. I make 50% of my living working to show how great Milwaukee is, but there’s still so much that I somehow haven’t done, even though I grew up just 30 minutes away. This summer, my goal is to see the city more like a tourist and do all the things that I should have already done but somehow never got around to. I’m already getting out so much more and adding interesting things to my calendar (MAM After Dark Prom tomorrow! Anyone going?). I feel like I’m becoming more Milwaukee by the day, and it’s a good feeling.


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