pocketful of past

Don’t you love wearing a coat for the first time that season and seeing what’s in the pockets? Today I wore my bomber jacket for the first time this year; it turned out not as warm as I’d hoped, so I was a little chilly, but it was worth it to feel a little closer to spring. I also found a business card from an antique shop I’d stopped in looking for a dresser on one of the last warm days of fall and a few quarters.

Most of the time when I reach into my coat pockets, I find movie tickets. Maybe a mint grabbed from the candy bowl on the way out of a restaurant and forgotten. I’ve been carrying around an old Subway order that my dad wrote for who knows how long in my heavy winter coat. It’s like a little unintentional time capsule for myself that I get to rediscover every year. Sure, I could throw out my ticket stubs, but then I wouldn’t get to smile every time I stick my hand into my pocket for the first time and feel some mysterious cardstock inside. When there are coins in the pockets, I know that I was probably parking at a meter one of the last times I wore the coat, stocking up since I can never quite remember how much time my silver can buy. It can be the start of remember when if I find a little treasure from an experience my current compatriot and I shared.

What’s in your pockets?


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