friday five: wisconsin food

2014-03-21 18.02.50

Why, what could that be…everyone in Milwaukee knows that on this day of the week, there can only be one answer!

2014-03-21 18.03.15

It is, of course, carryout fish fry. Bonus points if it’s from somewhere local and not an actual restaurant – mine, for example, is from St. Augustine of Hippo, the church right up the street from me. Getting fish fry in a church basement is a quintessentially Wisconsin thing to do, and I highly recommend it.

In honor of my fish fry, this week’s list highlights some of my other favorite Wisconsin delicacies.

1. Cheese curds – whether squeaky fresh or deep-fried, nothing beats ’em
2. Bratwurst – I like ’em with just onions, but kraut is acceptable during special occasions (Germanfest). Best grilled by your dad OR purchased in a grocery store parking lot
3. Cranberries – cranberry anything. Juice, pie, sauce: if it’s tart and red, I am there.
4. Rhubarb – ditto above. A crumble made with rhubarb from your own backyard? Ohhhh yes.
5. Frozen custard – it is not the same as ice cream, philistines from other states who may be reading this. So rich, so creamy, so right. Speaking of…is Kopp’s open right now??


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