the makeup challenge

Sometimes to get out of your winter rut, you need a little bit of glamour.

I first really got into makeup for personal enjoyment in college after caking it on for the stage as a high school drama geek. But since the first blush (pun unintended), the spark had faded a bit. I’ve been in a makeup rut for, well, years.

But no longer! The first step I took when I decided I wanted to have fun with makeup again was to sign up for an ipsy subscription – getting some surprises in the mail each month is an inexpensive and easy way to reinvigorate a waning interest. But I still needed an excuse to use them instead of sticking with the “tried and trues” that had become my makeup doldrums.

Enter the Ham House Makeup Challenge! Last month, my two former college roommates and I decided to embark on a week-long makeup challenge with a different theme for each day. It was just some fun between friends, but it really made me want to stretch myself, experiment with new colors, and pull out all the stops to create more of a “look” instead of just swiping on some neutral eyeshadow. Makeup is fun again!

I picked four of my favorite looks from the week to share here:


If you’d like to take on the Ham House Makeup Challenge, our themes were: magical creatures, decades, Olympics, bugs, space, favorite drink, and freestyle day. Having friends to “challenge” really made it especially fun – I wanted to impress the girls when I shared pictures of my look in the evening, and I couldn’t wait to see how they’d decide to interpret each theme.

So when something you love just isn’t what it used to be, find some friends and push harder together! Who knows what you might accomplish? (GLAMOUR is what!)


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