New month, new post! I have been doing so much stuff lately that I haven’t made the time to sit down and blog about it. So how about a little sampler platter of all the things I’ve been up to lately?

I went to see the Brewcity Bruisers last week – it was my second time at a bout, and it was just as much fun as the first. I feel like I’m getting a better understanding of the sport, but it’s really fun even if you’re not sure what exactly is going on…you’re watching awesome women in cool outfits zip around a track and knock each other over, what’s not to like?

Then I had my first appointment at Hairy’s Hair Bar for a cut & color. I’d been putting off getting my hair done for WAY too long, in large part because I wanted to try a new salon and couldn’t decide which one. I finally picked Hairy’s, and it was pretty much the best decision I’ve made all year. I got exactly what I wanted, and even a little bit better, which I don’t think has ever happened before. Check this place out!

I also tried Rochambo for the first time that weekend! I’ve never really properly explored Brady Street, but I definitely want to go back again after this first taste. I didn’t try the famous Irish Coffee (the sign outside claims it’s the best in Milwaukee) since I’m still not really a coffee drinker, but I did try a Mood Ring, which combines delicious, dark hot chocolate with hazelnut and espresso liqueurs. Two thumbs up!

This week, I had a work event at Millioke. I can’t give a full review, since it was more mix and mingling with no ordering off the menu, but I liked it enough to want to go back for a proper meal there. It’s got a lot of really cool design elements (the lighting fixture above the bar is awesome), and the smoked sausage flatbread was delicious.

Then it was off to the Marcus Center for their 2014/15 season announcement! Great performances, and a lot of really exciting shows on the docket for next year. I’m actually seriously considering becoming a subscriber – there isn’t a dud in the bunch, two shows I’d be really excited to see, and one show that I’m dying to see (Book of Mormon!!).

Is that enough for you? Well, it wasn’t for me, because last night I went to see the opening night of An Iliad at the Milwaukee Rep. This isn’t a show that I usually would have selected, but I’m so glad that I saw it. It’s a one man (and one cellist) show, telling the story of (you guessed it), The Iliad. It was incredibly compelling, very powerful, and the staging is fabulous. If you’re a Rep fan like me, you will probably geek out a little over the set they’ve created for this show. Definitely not one to miss.

And that brings us, finally, to the end. It felt like a lot while it was happening, but it looks like even more all written out like that. I’m not usually this busy in the winter, but the cold just can’t stop me now (cuz I’m having a good time…having a good time).


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