hit the rink

If you were a kid growing up in the 90s, at least in Wisconsin, there were two possible class party activities to celebrate the end of the year or any other milestone: bowling or rollerskating.

Today, Kaitlin (my lovely roommate & partner in crime) and I decided to recapture those golden days.

2014-02-08 15.16.11

We hit Rollaero Skate Center in Cudahy. I got some serious deja vu in there; basically, the only thing that had changed from my elementary and middle school skating days was we skated to Lady Gaga and Gangnam Style instead of Barbie Girl. There were flashing lights just like I remembered and numbers painted around the rink for all those skating games; remember rollerskating limbo or Red Light, Green Light?

It took me a while to get a good feel for having wheels under me (made much easier when I switched to a pair of skates one size down after a few shakey loops). I definitely didn’t blossom into a superstar skater…or even a decent skater, but I continued my streak of never falling in a roller rink! Woohoo! Slow and wobbly wins the race.

Though I’m definitely not ready to run out and sign up for the Brewcity Bruisers (or even their bootcamp, which is a goal of mine!), I had fun and will definitely plan to go back. It’s a nice and pretty inexpensive way to spend an afternoon – for $6, I got a pair of rental skates and 2.5 hours of time on the rink. Check out Rollaero – it’s old school, but still rolling!

2014-02-08 15.15.57


2 thoughts on “hit the rink

    • I’d bet it’s exactly how you remember it! I was glad to find a place so close (I grew up with Skateland out in Brookfield)


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