the ikeaning

Yesterday I made my first ever trek to that hub of furniture fiends on a budget: Ikea. In the car, I said “I have to take pictures of Ikea, I’m going to blog about it!” but of course I was so distracted that I didn’t take any pictures at all. Rest assured that I was there, approximately 1.5 hours south of Milwaukee at the Schaumburg Ikea. I browsed, was briefly enraptured by the cart escalators (escalators for your cart! why doesn’t everywhere have these??), and ended up cruising out with exactly what I’d already obsessively pre-selected online. Plus some curtain rod hardware! Go team!

We drove past the office building where my parents met (aww) and stopped for Chicago-style Italian beef at Portillo’s.

2014-01-25 13.38.24-2
(I know it says hot dogs, but they do a mean Italian beef too!)

After this brief and delicious moment, it was back to Milwaukee for furniture assembling. Five solid hours of furniture assembling. For some reason, I was under the impression that assembling Ikea furniture would be easy. I was wrong.


But I did it! From box to an actual piece of furniture I can put my clothes in! (Yes, I did give up on putting knobs on the bottom drawers. I’ll be replacing them all soon anyway.) My arms and back were achin’ so I saved the rest of the construction until the next day…

2014-01-26 16.34.00

Isn’t that little cart darling? It was also MUCH easier to put together. So, that’s the progress so far! One of the major reasons I picked the Tarva dresser was the unpainted pine – I’ve been wanting to try my hand at redoing a piece of furniture for a long time (why yes, it is on my life list), so I’ll hopefully be painting that and adding new knobs soon, once I decide which direction to go in.

And thus, my Ikea adventure draws to a close. The store was just as cool as I’d hoped – I would love to go back and really snoop around, since this time I went with a clear mission in mind. There’s so much there, it’d take a good long while to take it all in!


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