what’s on your life list?

I’ve been thinking about “life lists” for a while. Much less morbid than the bucket list and a little more fun than straight up life goals, a life list seemed like a great way to keep track of where I’ve been, what I’ve done, and what I’m still looking forward to. So I started one! You can find it here, or it’ll always live up in the top navigation of my page. It’s short for now, but it will get longer. I’m thinking of as very much a living (*rimshot*) document. I’ll add things on, hopefully cross a few off before too long! It’s a mix of big and little things, silly fun and serious life goals. So far a lot of this year (and, therefore, my posts on this blog) has been about self-reflection, and I enjoy the time to sit back and take stock of all the things that I want to do. From the things I want to accomplish before I die (write a novel) to things I’ll hopefully be doing in the next month or so (redo a piece of furniture). Plus, let’s be real – I want to have as many opportunities to cross items off as possible! A good variety is key.

Do you have a life list/bucket list/any list? What’s on it?


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