dining out: dover straits

We’re going far afield for this restaurant review, all the way down to Mundelein, IL. Not my usual stomping grounds, for sure, but this past weekend the family and I trekked down to celebrate my grandpa’s birthday in style.

Dover Straits is a seafood restaurant in Mundelein. This place is 100% committed to the aesthetic. There are maritime-themed murals on the walls, wood and rope in the approximation of docks, a metal pelican. My favorite part (and the part I’m kicking myself for not getting a photo of) is their approach to salad: there are saladĀ boats that travel through the restaurant, dishing up a salad made to your specifications tableside. It’s pretty magical (this weekend we were served salad by the SS Dover).

Dinner was good; this wasn’t my first time at the restaurant, but I did diverge from my traditional order (salmon and filet mignon with Bearnaise sauce – hey, we go there to celebrate!). We split an order of oysters rockefeller as an appetizer, and after my transcendent scallop experience at Wolf Peach, I’ve been a little obsessed with them, so I ordered sea scallops with shallots and rice pilaf. The scallops were good, overall (I did have a little grit), but I think I preferred the seared preparation at Wolf Peach over these sauteed scallops. I like a crust on things!

My sister and I split a marvelous chocolate mousse for dessert, and then we were whisked back to the loving arms of Milwaukee. I enjoyed my adventure in Illinois, though I wouldn’t make the trip down for something other than a special occasion with my local grandparents. If you find yourself in the area and craving seafood, Dover Straits is a place that my family has been for dinner many times, so don’t be afraid to check it out (though FYI the average clientele definitely trends closer to grandparent age than mine, so expect primarily seniors and families).


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