out with the old


The closet is a metaphor.

Well, first it’s an actual closet. My actual closet, in fact, which was actually organized this morning. I tried on everything in it and put anything that didn’t fit or I didn’t love in a pile to donate. It’s a little ridiculous how hard it is to give up things that you don’t even like; I spent money on these things (or people who love me spent money on them) – wasn’t it a waste to toss them? When I was researching for organization and decluttering tips, a common thread came through that helped me a lot: you have to let go of the idea that things are money. Yes, you spent money on it once, but as soon as you did, the money was gone and now what you have is the thing. It will never be worth what you paid for it again (collectibles excluded, of course); by getting rid of it, you’re making room for things that you’ll really love. Plus, if you’re donating or giving away the things you don’t love anymore, you’re giving someone else a chance to love it. That’s pretty great.

I wanted to clean out my closet before the first week of 2014 was over, because I want to go into the new year fresh and surrounded by things and people that I truly love and value. I want to remember to be firm about not bringing anything into my life that I’m not passionate about (it’s just one more thing to get rid of later), and conversely to not hesitate to let go of things out of a sense of sunk-cost. I want to shrug off the things that don’t suit me anymore and rediscover hidden treasures that I somehow let fall by the wayside.

It’s also nice to have your closet organized by garment type and then in rainbow order. It should make planning outfits much easier!

I hope you have a chance to clean your literal and metaphorical closets and enter the new year fine, fresh, fierce and ready for anything.


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