dining out: wolf peach


Can I just say “wow”? I’m not sure if I should count this as a goal for 2013 squeezed in at the last minute or one for 2014 accomplished ahead of schedule, but I’ve been dying to go to Wolf Peach. For New Year’s Eve, I finally went! I’m kicking myself for waiting this long, even though it turned out to be the perfect time, place, and people to be there with.

Wolf Peach is a small (and not-so-small) plates restaurant where food is served family style and brought to the table as it’s ready instead of all at once. I’d never eaten like this before and was a little concerned that people would leave hungry; how wrong I was! Each member of our party of six ordered one dish (plus a kale salad), and there was just enough food that we were all happily full at the end. One of the main reasons I’d chosen Wolf Peach was the variety of their menu; our group included a semi-vegetarian and a lactose intolerant vegetarian, and there were plenty of choices that everyone at the table could enjoy. Everything on the menu is clearly marked if it’s vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and/or dairy-free – this is greatly appreciated, kudos! But rest assured carnivores: two of the standout dishes of the evening were my own selection (seared sea scallops, pictured above) and the steak tartare. As a warning (or bonus!), be aware that you get a lot of steak tartare. We were expecting a serving half the size of the one we got, and it was definitely a group effort to kick in and finish those last delicious bites! Another very generous dish were the pizzas; wood-fired with a gorgeous char on the bottom, they were perfect for filling in any gaps in the menu.

The rustic decor is lovely, and it was very cozy – which was nice, considering our crew all tromped dutifully through the snow in tights and heels to get there. We did have to wait for about 20 minutes at the bar for our table to be ready, but the bar itself was great and the ambiance is lovely; no one really minded having to cool our heels for a while, especially on such a busy night. The service was great, and, as mentioned, the food was amazing. The only disappointment of the night was that we were all too full to try a dessert!

When I opened up Wolf Peach’s site to review some facts for this post, I immediately got sucked into the menu and started discussing with my roommate what we should order next time (and drooling over the prospect of brunch). If that’s not a strong enough recommendation, I don’t know what is. Go to Wolf Peach. You won’t regret it.

4 thoughts on “dining out: wolf peach

  1. Love love love Wolf Peach. The people, the food and the VIEW. Whenever I’m back in the Milwaukee area it’s straight to Wolf Peach.


    • It’s looking like I’ll be back for brunch before the end of the month! I’m looking forward to seeing the full daytime view (even though the snow was very picturesque too)


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